3 Criteria for a Strong Password
June 14 2022

3 Criteria for a Strong Password

It's no secret that a strong password is really important. However, many people find it hard to remember all their passwords, so they choose to ignore the safety rules!

We care about the security of your data, and we recommend that you read the following criteria and make sure that your password meets them:

1. Does not contain easily guessable information, such as date of birth, phone number, pet, and child name

2. Consists of at least 8 characters

3. Contains several uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols

In addition to a strong password, we recommend that you set a secret passcode and use two-factor authentication in your antares.trade personal account.

The best way to protect yourself is to have the right privacy settings. Be careful and listen to the advice of Antares 2.0.