October 14, 2021
Alcor Trade Roadmap
Dear partners, we took the Mission section of the website very seriously. After all, a company's roadmap is one of the most important ways to be honest and transparent.

All plans of Alcor Trade until 2025 are posted on the platform's official website, at the end of the Mission section. After studying them, you will find out what programs and products we plan to launch, how they will differ from the previous ones, and much more.

It is important that the roadmap can be edited, so be careful and check it more often.

In addition, we would like to remind you that there is a video message from Alex Richter on the platform's official YouTube channel where he talked about our plans. So, if you have not watched it, then be sure to do it.

We keep you updated on all Alcor Trade news, so stay tuned for our social media updates and don't miss important plans!