September 20, 2021
Future Alcor's Partners from Asia
Dear partners, as you know, we keep you informed of all the corporate events. So, we want to let you know that the management of Alcor has decided to conclude cooperation agreements with large Asian funds. It is expected that the following organizations will be among the future partners:

- Saimin Capital
- Ztech
- First State Investments
- EARNEST Partners

Our platform has a tight-knit team of professionals and extensive experience in project implementation around the world. Therefore, this cooperation will allow Asian funds to achieve strategic goals in international markets quickly, and our platform will provide you with new opportunities for earning money.

The news about our signings with Asian funds turned out to be so big, popular and interesting that several well-known magazines published it and attracted many readers. See for yourself:

1️. Lianwen Finance:
2️. Golden Finance:
3️. Investors CN:
4️. Ping Finance:
5️. Biteneng:

The new partnership agreements are a small but very important step towards our common goal. There are more new programs, profit and success ahead!

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