September 20, 2021
How Much You Can Earn with Alcor in Line Profit Team
On, each partner can grow their capital every day. There are 2 ways to do it: by actively participating in the company's development or simply by investing.

- Income without inviting new partners
Everything is extremely simple: you purchase an investment package and receive income with a floating rate of up to 2% per day for 200 calendar days. This way, you can earn up to 60% of the invested funds per month.

- Income for building your own business
We love motivating partners who invite new people to the company. For this, active investors receive profit with 3 types of bonuses:

1. Linear bonus
A reward for the sale of the company's service or product in your affiliate structure. It allows you to earn extra up to 9% of the packages and services sold in the structure.

2. Mentor bonus
A reward of up to 100% of the personal package amount. You can get it for selling the company's services or products in your affiliate network to achieve a Mentor career status.

3️. Office bonus
A reward for opening the company's consultation offices. It allows you to earn up to 1% for the turnover of a structure from 4 to 10 lines and up to 10% of the earnings of a partner who has opened an office under the Office program.

Note: the income percentages on bonuses above are calculated based on the currently available investment packages—that is, up to 4,000 ALD. Later there will be new ones, up to 150,000 ALD.

Go to, buy the package you like in Line Profit Team and join the ranks of successful platform partners!

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