January 4, 2022
How Much You Can Earn with Alcor in Robot Profit Team
Today we will tell you how to increase your income with the Robot Profit Team program, developed by the Alcor advertising platform to promote Alcor Crypto Bot and Alcor Exchange.

It uses a multilevel marketing model based on a linear compensation plan. You can receive additional income both under a license—up to 40% per month for an unlimited time—, and for active work in the affiliate program. It allows you to earn 2 types of bonuses up to 8 lines deep:

1️. Bonuses for the purchase of robot licenses by partners of your structure
This reward depends on your personal license. For example, if you have an Emperor license and sell licenses for 10,000 AND in the 1st line of your affiliate structure, you will receive 1,200 ALD.

2️. Percentage of the profit received by your partners from the yield of their robots
This reward depends on your balance for the trading robot. For example, if you have a personal deposit of more than 22,000 USDT and partners in your structure's first line with a total deposit of 10,000 USDT, you will earn 550 ALD.

Build a business, be active, and increase your income with great deals and AI from Alcor Trade!

Robot Profit Team: