November 12, 2021
How Much You Can Earn with Alcor in Step Profit Team
Today we will tell you how you can increase your income with the Step Profit Team program, developed to promote IBC Holdings.

- Income without inviting new partners
You purchase an investment package and receive an income of up to 62% for a period (30 days) during 30-360 calendar days. This way you can earn up to 744% of the invested funds per year.

- Income for building your own business
You invite new people to the company and receive additional income with 3 types of bonuses:

1️. Step bonus
A reward of up to 21% of the attracted investment package at an unlimited number of levels of the structure depth according to the "compression rule".

2. Mentor bonus
A reward of up to 140,000 ALD for selling the company's services or products in your affiliate network to close a Mentor career status.

3. Office bonus
A reward for opening the company's consultation offices. It allows you to earn up to 1% for the turnover of your structure from 4 to 10 lines and up to 10% of the earnings of a partner who has opened an office under the Office program.

Note: income percentages are calculated based on the maximum possible volume of investment packages (50,000 ALD).

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