January 7, 2022
How to buy ALT?
Dear partners, we are sharing the instructions on how to buy Alcor Token in 3 easy steps:

Step #1
Register or log in to, go to the Token Profit Team – Finance section and click "Buy a license".

Step #2
In the "Buy a license" section, select the option you prefer and the balance from which you will be charged for the purchase. Then click the green button below.

Step #3
After purchasing a license, you need to return to the Finance section and click "My ALT tokens". There you can create an order in the "Buy / Sell ALT" section by indicating the amount you want to spend on ALT and your investment account. Don’t forget to read the terms of purchase.

Please note that you cannot purchase more tokens than indicated in your license.

As soon as the order is executed, you will become one of the happy owners of Alcor Token and participants of the Token Profit Team program! Use the instruction for purchasing ALT yourself and share it with your partners.