November 3, 2021
How to Choose a Secure E-wallet
If you've decided to convert your savings into cryptocurrency or start making money in the crypto market, you need to choose a wallet. Let's talk about how to choose secure online storage.

Of course, you should use popular wallets, one of which is Alcor Exchange.

Yes, that's right!
Alcor Exchange is not only a trading exchange platform that allows you to exchange cryptoassets in the most productive way, but also a secure wallet for storing cryptocurrencies.

Please note that the reliability of operations and security is ensured by:

1. End-to-end encryption based on TLS cryptographic protocols with 256-bit key
2. Two-factor user authentication system
3. A cold cryptocurrency wallet mechanism

Try the most reliable place to store your cryptocurrency right now with 24/7 support! Alcor Exchange. Security and convenience first.

Alcor Exchange: