October 4, 2021
IBC Holdings, Alcor's Second Partner
Dear partners, IBC Holdings, an investment company from Northern Ireland, has recently become our second partner!

It designs solutions for clients' investment portfolios with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. IBC Holdings traders invest both in the short and long term and distribute funds between different assets. This allows them to protect the invested capital and compensate for possible losses in one trading area with income in others.

In September 2021, the company entered into an agreement with Alcor, which resulted in the Step Profit Team program, a marketing strategy for promoting IBC Holdings. It provides an opportunity to earn up to 62% per month from an investment for 30-360 days and earn additional profit with 3 types of bonuses.

Anyone can join the program and start making money with it:

- Learn more about Step Profit Team (;
- Register ( on or sign in to your personal account (;
- Top up your balance ( and purchase an investment package (

After completing the steps above, you will start taking full advantage of stairstep marketing and grow your capital with Step Profit Team!

IBC Holdings: