December 21, 2021
Introducing a New Program: Token Profit Team
Dear partners, we are excited to introduce a new program and invite you to join one of the main events of the platform!

Token Profit Team was designed to promote the tokenized options program for Alcor's IPO. It will take place on September 3, 2023, and will provide people from all over the world with an opportunity to trade the shares of our platform. We have issued 1 million Alcor Token (ALT) for these purposes. The initial price of one of them is $1, but on July 17, 2023, this figure will reach $2,000.

What does this mean for Alcor Trade partners?

- You have the right to purchase tokens and hold them for some time in order to sell on the internal exchange to other participants, making money on the growth of the token rate.

- Wait for the IPO and exchange tokens at the rate of 1 ALT = 200 platform shares, the price of which will be more than $10 per share, which is more than 200,000% of profit.

- Or remain shareholders and receive the corresponding dividends.

Please note that you need a license to purchase ALT in Token Profit Team. The licenses differ in price, work term, limit on the sale and purchase of tokens.

And remember, the more expensive the license, the more opportunities it provides! For example, a licensed platform user can receive additional rewards for selling licenses in their affiliate structure.

Token Profit Team. Time is on your side!

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