Introducing Antares Meta Universe
April 6 2022

Introducing Antares Meta Universe

Dear partners, the day is upon us when anyone will be able to enter the virtual world without leaving their home. And our team is ready to help you with this!

Antares Meta Universe is a crypto-metauniverse that unites all our past and future projects. The process of its creation consists of 8 phases, starting with the system integration and ending with complete decentralization. With Antares Meta Universe, we will:

- Create a new online business and entertainment industry
- Expand the range of available services
- Provide you with an opportunity to earn money by creating your own projects in our ecosystem

To implement the project, we use cryptocurrencies and cutting-edge technologies of the metaverse. This will ensure the security of transactions and a competent economic platform without the restrictions imposed by fiat regulators.

Meta Antares Dollar ($MAD) is the local currency of the project and another advantage of Antares Meta Universe. It is an ERC-20 token that will be used to create new NFTs and make in-game purchases. With $MAD, you can vote on proposals related to tokens through decentralized governance.

Important: the more Meta Antares Dollars you have, the more significant your vote will be. You can purchase tokens at

Go to and become part of the Antares metaverse!

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