November 1, 2021
Introducing the New Antares Refund Program
Dear partners, today, we have launched the Antares Refund compensation program!

It was created to provide you with the opportunity to withdraw frozen funds. It will work as follows:

1️. On the first day of every month, 5% of your frozen funds will be unfrozen.
2️. Every Monday, 15% of the unfrozen 5% will be sent to the trading pool and bring a profit of 1% per day on weekdays.
3️. Investment returns will be credited to a special Antares Refund account, which can be used to create investment packages in some Alcor programs.

We have already calculated the amount of frozen funds for each Antares user. The calculation was carried out according to the following formula: the amount of funds received to the account minus the amount withdrawn from the account. For example, if you deposited $2,000 and only managed to withdraw $500, then the amount of your frozen funds is $1,500.

Please note that Antares Refund can start its work only after you click the “Transfer funds” button in your personal account on You must do it every month. Otherwise, the interest from the frozen funds will not be available for withdrawal.

Hurry up and participate in the new Antares Refund program and unfreeze your funds!

Antares Refund: