September 27, 2021
Introducing the New Step Profit Team Program
Dear partners, we are glad to introduce the new Step Profit Team program. It was developed by Alcor to promote IBC Holdings.

IBC Holdings is a company that offers solutions for a client's investment portfolio with the help of the latest technologies. To diversify risks, the company's traders invest in the short and long term and distribute funds between different assets.

With Step Profit Team, you can:

-Receive yield from 18 to 62% for 30 days (the percentage depends on the deposit term)

- Choose an investment term from 30 to 360 calendar days

- Purchase any investment package with a limit of 50 to 2,000 ALD (new ones, up to 50,000 ALD, will be available later)

And also receive additional income through an affiliate program with 3 types of bonuses:

- Step bonus
Rewards of up to 21% of the attracted investment package at an unlimited number of levels of structure depth according to the "compression rule".

- Mentor bonus
A reward of 75 ALD to 140,000 ALD for achieving a new Mentor status level.

- Office bonus
Rewards of up to 1% for the structure turnover (7 lines deep) and up to 10% of the earnings of a partner who opened an office under the Office program.

Congratulations to all partners of the platform! Starting today, you can participate in Step Profit Team and multiply your profits with IBC Holdings on

Participate in Step Profit Team: