November 10, 2021
Limits in Alcor Programs
Dear partners, every 2 weeks, we increase the limits in the platform programs. For example, when Line Profit Team was launched, the maximum volume of personal investment packages was 2,500 ALD, and now it is 25,000 ALD. And this is not the end!

Limits in programs exist for a reason and are necessary for several reasons:

1. Smooth overclocking of the trader's pool
Traders should plan their trading activities by starting with small amounts and gradually increasing the pool. This model is effective and used all over the world.

2. Risk management requirements
Alcor employees check the quality of trading of all trader teams who work with the platform. In case the quality turns out to be not so high, the investor risks only a small part of the funds.

3. Current security trends
The system of a gradual increase in investment limits is based on international business practice and aims to protect the partners' funds.

Already next week, the investment limits will be increased in three platform's programs at once. Stay tuned!

Alcor. Your right choice!