November 17, 2021
Message From the Founder Alex Richter: Antares Refund

Dear partners, Alex Richter has recorded an unscheduled video message dedicated to the Antares Refund compensation program.

After watching it, you will find out:

- What you need to do to unfreeze funds;
- Where you can invest your compensation accruals;
- If the monthly percentage of funds to be unfrozen will increase, and much more.

Thousands of people are already participating in the Antares Refund program, and we are doing everything to ensure that you get compensated for all frozen money and start earning with us again.

Please note that you do not need to invest additional funds or invite new people to Antares Refund.

Follow the links below and watch the new video message from Alex Richter in four languages: Spanish, English, Russian and French.

Watch in Spanish:
Watch in English:
Watch in Russian:
Watch in French: