September 30, 2021
Message from the Founder Alex Richter: September Results. What Awaits the Company Next Month?

Dear partners, we present to your attention a new video message from Alex Richter. In it, the founder of Alcor shares the company's results for September and the amazing plans for October. We are proud of our joint success and continue to work on new programs and products for you to enjoy.

In September we:
- Launched our own ANTd token
- Increased limits in Line Profit Team up to 8,000 ALD
- Launched the Step Profit Team program

October plans:
1. Launch of Alcor Exchange
2. Limit increase in Line Profit Team up to 25,000 ALD
3. Launch of Alcor Crypto Bot
4. Limit increase in Step Profit Team up to 7,000 ALD
5. Launch of the Robot Profit Team program

Also, the deadline for the Antares audit is coming next month, on October 12. At the moment, we do not have information about its completion, so we are preparing for the fact that it will be extended. As soon as the regulator tells us any details, Alex Richter will record a separate video, and we will share it with you.

You can learn more about these and other events in the video message. Watch it in four languages: Spanish, English, Russian and French. To watch it with subtitles in English, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi, follow the link to the Spanish version and select the required language.

Watch in Spanish with subtitles:
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