October 31, 2021
Message from the Founder Alex Richter: October Results. What Awaits the Company Next Month?

Dear partners, we have just released a new video message from the platform's founder, Alex Richter. He summed up the results of the outgoing month, shared his plans for November and talked about the new Antares compensation program.

In October, the main events were:
- Launch of Alcor Exchange and Alcor Crypto Bot robots
- Limit increase to 25,000 ALD in Line Profit Team and 7,000 ALD in Step Profit Team
- Launch of the Robot Profit Team program

Coming next month:
1. Launch of the Antares Refund program (November 1st)
2. Limit increase to 12,000 ALD in Step Profit Team
3. Launch of the Binar Profit Team program
4. Limit increase to 40,000 ALD in Line Profit Team
5. Launch the Matrix Profit Team program

Tomorrow, November 1, 2021,
we will calculate the amount of frozen funds for all Antares users. The Antares Refund program will be launched at the same time.

You can learn more about these and other events in this video message. Watch it in four languages: Spanish, English, Russian and French.

Watch in Spanish:
Watch in English:
Watch in Russian:
Watch in French: