October 13, 2021
Safety First
We care about the safety of our partners and improve the security systems every day. We remind you about the following features of the "Security" section in your personal account on

1. Confirmation of actions through a bot, which sends you a message on Telegram with a confirmation code when you perform some operations;

2. Confirmation of login with a code sent via Telegram, email or 2FA. Please note that email notifications for the address specified during registration are enabled by default.

Cases of Internet fraud have become more frequent recently. So, we urge you to pay attention to all accounts and pages you visit or that contact you.

Real Alcor Tech Support:

Alcor Account Manager (English)
Email: [email protected]
Alcor Account Manager (Spanish)
Email: [email protected]
Alcor Account Manager (Russian)
Email: [email protected]
Alcor Account Manager (Chinese)
Email: [email protected]
Please note that if you want to verify whether the person who contacted you is an Alcor representative, you can write to the technical support of your region or check the information in the Alcor international chat:

Take advantage of our tips and all the features of your personal account to protect your income at Alcor in a few clicks. Be careful and don't put off the safety of your investment!

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