Office program

This program was created to reward active platform partners for opening Antares 2.0 consultation centers around the world.

Antares 2.0 Consultation Center

This is an office space open to active partners of the platform. Antares 2.0 consultation centers are created exclusively by active partners of the platform to solve business problems for scaling and developing the company.
Requirements to open a Consultation Center
  • Level 3 Mentor status and a personal deposit of $5,000 or more (total, in any Antares 2.0 programs)
  • Office space must be located in a business center and have an area of ​​25 m2 or more
  • A one-time payment of $2,000 is allocated to open the consultation center
  • Monthly payments for office rent
  • An additional reward of 3% of the turnover of all partners in your structure
*When a consultation center opens in your affiliate structure, you will no longer receive 3% of the turnover of partners in the structure of the head of this consultation center. However, you will start receiving 10% of all bonuses of that leader.